After being an active organization through all of 2017, we finally are announcing the launch of our content rich website. We are incredibly excited to open the gate to where we will be calling our home and one of our primary hubs for allowing our followers, fans, players, and gamers to get an inside look at what our teams are working on.

The all new Rockets Esports website will serve host to player interviews, competitive guides and builds, up-to-date news, video content -- and that's only the beginning of everything. Moving forward our staff and players will be working very closely to create and develop some of the most in-depth and descriptive content in a variety of facets. Whether it be video guides showing players how to become the best priest in World of Warcraft or reading an article reliving moments at some of the largest Esport events in the world. As an organization our mission is to provide the best content you can find for anyone, including our largest fans.

Enjoy everything we have to offer on the site. Check out all of our active rosters and keep up to date with their most recent performances on our home page as well. Every day is made possible by all of our fans and followers and we wake up every day for you.