Over a decade ago, the online world was rocked by the announcement of the original iPhone 1.  Over the years thousands of mobile devices have flourished, while millions of apps have been designed for everything from shooting birds at pigs to balancing your check book. Mobile gaming, while generally thought of as more casual, has started to proliferate in the world of esports with highly competitive games like Vainglory. It’s probably safe to say that any fan of esports has a strong understanding of mobile technology. 


Astoundingly, esports organizations (and tournaments alike) have yet to fully embrace the mobile world. With few - often unrealized - apps being created for the many organizations around the globe, Rockets Esports saw a problem. Our brave commander Brayden ‘APotentBeast’ Wilmoth claimed he would have a leading esports app within a week. It took him three days!


We at Rockets Esports are very excited to announce the launch of our mobile app, a leader in esports app technology. The app will give our fans any and all advantages of being online, with the bonus of being on the go. Currently you can download the “Rockets Esports” app from the Apple App store, with Android support coming rapidly. We hope to see you on mobile, and online, as we blast off in to the holiday season!


Jackson ‘Hickory’ Hughes