As we reflect back on this past weekend’s event at Blizzcon and the World of Warcraft Arena Championship, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every one who made it possible.

The casters for their commentary and energy, who delivered an exceptional performance match after match and captured the excitement and energy of Warcraft arenas in an entertaining and engaging way. Some of the greatest talent from across the Warcraft scene was pulled together for a single event to deliver the greatest production possible. Also, shoutouts to Cdew for believing in us. We see you, Chuck.

Also we’d like to thank the MLG team, who was there not only for team photos and video shoots, but also the tremendous amount of effort put into tech and production behind the scenes, which without, the event could not have gone on for the fans. We look forward to the growth and expansion of WoW esports in the years to come!

And of course, a massive thank you to Blizzard for making such an event possible for all of the teams who participated. Blizzcon captures the spirit and passion of Blizzard games and their fans, and the World of Warcraft Arena Championship is a cornerstone of the Warcraft world each and every year. Without the tireless efforts of all the Blizzard staff, none of this would have happened. We fought hard and played well this year, but we’re already looking forward to next year, and cannot wait to see what Blizzard and Warcraft esports has in store for all of us next year.

Keep your head up, because the Rockets are flying high into 2018!