After almost a year in space, out of touch from the terrestrial world, Rockets Esports is making a return landing back to Earth in search of championship contender teams. Our time away from the scene and fans has been far too long and we want to bring back the same energy and commitment to the scene that we previously did. Rockets Esports may be coming back but I want to take a moment to outline a few very important items.


Back at the Beginning

We are starting off on a near empty slate where we have no staff in place, no investors any longer, no design team or videographers, nothing. Just because the brand still exists doesn’t mean the infrastructure is the same as it once was and I recognize that as a hurdle that we will need to overcome but important to set the correct expectations for everyone with as much transparency as possible. This is a business we will be building upon from the bottom up yet again.


2019 Plans

It has always been a priority for us to only participate in games we have an exceptional amount of knowledge in and an ability to provide for our players in non-traditional ways such as connections and personal growth opportunities. That has not changed. Our entry back into esports will be carefully calculated and methodical in considering which games meet the criteria we seek, developers we trust, and fans we’d love to have. 2019 will very much be an exciting year.


Get Involved

There is a large opportunity for anyone who has esports experience to get involved! There will be another link and/or post of current staff opportunities as we ramp back up. We most likely will have a large abundance of people reaching out for positions and personally I will do my best at responding at every sincere email that I can tell people have put thought and time into. As we grow I also want to be very transparent to the scene on our goals and what we strive to do so putting a large consideration on having our weekly meetings be available to the public to listen in but only team members have the ability to speak. This holds our staff & ownership accountable for their words but also gives an exciting inside look as to how an organization could be ran — and almost inevitably with some successes and failures.