Rockets Esports was founded in 2017 with the idea of putting players first. With some of the best esport minds and talents in the scene today, we provide a solid base to facilitate content creation as well as individual and team branding. We recognize that success can come by way of winning championships, and as a company that is also our goal, but to also pave a path for individual success once players have decided to move on from the world of competitive gaming. We house the best teams in the world and share a passion to thrive and climb to be the best in each game we have a presence in.

In addition, we will strive to give back to our fans and the gaming community by creating and providing high quality content. This content will be produced by our professional players to help build a platform for fans to engage and learn from their favorite players. Each event that happens throughout the year we do our very best by having at least one representative there to connect with like-minded personalities and to also deliver updates and retrospectives on each event that happens. Providing educational, informational and inspirational content we hope to continue our growth as one of the fastest growing esport organizations in the world.

Our goal is to work with and develop the best teams, establish and build individual brand identity for our players, and produce high quality content to give our fans a glimpse at the personalities we have behind the scenes.

For inquiries about sponsorship please contact:

Brayden Wilmoth


Referred to by most as simply "Beast", he is the founder of Rockets Esports. Brayden has been in competitive gaming for a number of years, previously as part of team management for Method. He loves connecting with people in the scene and brainstorming new ways to make the market grow.

Winston May


Former professional Heroes of the Storm player. Previously experienced in both creating a gaming organization in the past as well as running development as the VP of a real estate developer. Winston has been involved in esports for many years and has experienced management in multiple facets in the past. He enjoys esports and is committed to being involved with the community for years to come.

Patrick Kehoe

Stream Team Manager

Patrick was one of the initial co-founders behind the Rockets brand. After shifting out of the ownership role he decided that leaving the organization wasn't an option and he wanted to continue helping. Patrick is also the co-founder of Winston's Lab. He has a passion to grow esports in the public eye and every action he takes proves this. Lover of all things esports.

Jake Zajec

General Manager

Formerly a top competitive player in various titles, Jake is the general manager at Rockets Esports. Using his experience from high level play and new media talent management, he is constantly pushing to forge stronger connections between players, staff, and fans alike.

Chelsea Cole

Social Media Manager

Chelsea Cole. Known in the internet as "Serephita" but "org mom" to everyone in Rockets. She herds everyone like little kittens and makes sure they stay on schedule for events, while ninja taking photos to post on social media. She loves reaching out and interacting with Rockets followers and fans, and meeting them at events.

Thomas Wheeler

Content Director

Thomas "biblestudy" Wheeler has been active in esports since 2013, namely in SMITE and Overwatch. He has previously worked with Hi-Rez Studios as a Community Specialist for the game Paladins. He is actively involved in competive arena brawlers and has a love of speedrunning. Proud father to a german shepherd/pitbull mix and a self-proclaimed beer connoisseur, biblestudy looks to drive brand marketing and individual player growth for the organization and it's players. He likes to party.