• Twizz
    Eric Servello

    My name is Eric Servello alson known as TwiZz and I've been competing for around 6 years now and playing professionally for 5 of them. Im known as a veteran throughout the scene and an MLG and UMG champion. I've played for the biggest organizations in CoD and esports, glad to be able to call Rockets Esports my home!

  • Nelson
    Brandon Nelson McKinney

    My name is Brandon McKinney, and I've been competing for 4 years now and playing professionally going on my 3rd year now. Im known for my SnD gameplay, and have continued to dominate it in the pro scene. I won rookie of the year in 2016 and have been around a few big orgs and I'm glad to finally call Rockets my home now.

  • TcM
    Teegan McCarthy

    Hi my names Teegan McCarthy I've been playing cod for about 6 years now with multiple top 6 placings and was in the pro league during aw I am the only pro call of duty player from New Hampshire.

  • Dimi
    Robert Johnson

    My name is Robert Johnson, also known as Dimi and I've been competing for 4 years. I made my break in Advanced Warfare when I attended the Call of Duty Championships tournament in 2015. Extremely excited for my future with Rockets Esports. You can follow me on twitter @Dimi_818!