• yeHHH
    Albert Yeh

    Albert "yeHHH" Yeh, and yeh that’s his real name, is from the DC area and plays off-tank for the team. His favorite heroes are DVA, Zarya, and Widowmaker. yeHHH has been playing the game competitively since the Overwatch beta, but prior to that,I played Dirty Bomb and Planetside 2 at the highest competitive level, including winning a world championship in Planetside 2.

  • ProGi
    Julian Maier

    Julian "ProGi" Maier is the the Main Tank player for Rockets Esports Overwatch team. He is 24 years old and currently lives in Germany. He started his gaming career with MOBAS such as DOTA 2 and Heroes of Newerth back in 2010 and switched to FPS games in 2015. He switched gears to Overwatch during Season 2 and is currently dedicated to becoming one of the greatest tank players in the scene.

  • Stratus
    Ethan Yankel

  • NLaaeR
    Koppalov Ilya

    Koppalov "NLaaeR" Ilya is a young gun from Moscow, Russia. He’s an Ex-CSGO player of the Tier 2 scene, formerly with OneShot. He began playing Overwatch in the open beta and quickly drew attention for his performance on Hitscan DPS heroes. NLaaeR has played in more than 30 Lans in CSGO & Overwatch combined with placings such as top 4 at Dreamhack and top 5 at Gamers Assembly. His favorite hero to play is Tracer, and with his capabilities and competitive experience, he certainly rounds out the roster and provides an extremely capable DPS player on which the team can always rely on.

  • Zergling
    David Chen

    David “Zergling” Chen, is the flex support for Rockets Esports. He used to play League of Legends and Blade & Soul but now spends the majority of his time on Overwatch. He began as a Mercy/Lucio only player on release due to technical limitations of his computer, but with a lot of practice became proficient on Zen and Ana as well. He’s proud to have the opportunity to play with Rockets Esports, and looks to be a key fit for the team as they pursue advancement in the professional scene.

  • TehPwnzorr
    Joshua Nguyen

    Joshua “Tehpwnzorr” Nguyen is the main support for the team, however overall his favorite heroes to play are McCree and Soldier:76, meaning that his brings precision aim and positional awareness to the team. He has been competing in the professional Overwatch scene for the better part of a year now, and looks to fuel Rockets to the top for 2018 and beyond.